The "I'm going to run away and check myself into a hotel" daydream has reached epic proportion. Tarnation, people, this weekend is bringing me down. I woke up wearing a headache vice so tight and horrid I felt sure that someone had strapped me into a Bane mask during the night. I microwaved my flipping lavender-infused neck wrap, donned it, popped two Advil, got some coffee and hunkered into a comfy chair with the paper. I felt pretty lame, truth be told. Like I should just put on some compression socks, insert a TMJ mouthguard and call it quits on cool. actually, that's me in there.

Then the boys starting blowing up balloons and making them fart and whiz. Those stupid rubbers were zipping all around, and I just told them they better get their fannies downstairs pronto because this mama was NOT.IN.THE.MOOD. They looked skeptical, and I saw red. Seriously, do kids ever take their mothers seriously? Jesus h. T was disassociating on the couch - what an effing gift that man has - so after I finished my coffee, I decided to go to the farmers market. Jack said he'd come along, so I took it as an opportunity for a lovely date. Isn't that zen of me?

Other than spilling hot cider all over the information desk where we were donating to the awesome Thanksgiving Drive Fresh Farm Markets has going on (they are raising money to buy as many happy turkeys from market purveyors, at retail price, for DC families in need as possible), we did indeed have a fantastic time together. Jack ate precisely 9 apples while we shopped, and we met a cool watercolor artist who paints vivid pics of food and has just published a cookbook.

My head started pounding again so we returned home, and T took the boys to their fourth and final birthday party of the weekend. The birthday girl is the cutest little cha-cha, and I am said to miss seeing her as well as her terrific parents. Boo hiss stupid Bane mask.

There are so many things I want to cook today but what actually transpires is a different story. Here's hoping for more applesauce, some tomato jam, and a steak dinner to bid this loony weekend adieu!