I just gave Percy a dental bone. He feels these every-few-days treats are the ultimate win, and so plays a sweet game of hiding them from himself until his anticipation is so great that he "finds" and happily devours it.

Right now, he's in the hide phase; I know because I get to sleep in the basement tonight and can hear Percy's long-claw paws prancing excitedly on the floor above. I hear the bone drop on occasion. It's then picked up and ferried to the next hiding spot. Soon he'll claim his prize. 

Bless his simple heart. 

This morning, I donned a dress, saw writer-group friends, laughed happily and welcomed the boys home. 

Lisa, me, Kristi

Lisa, me, Kristi

I made another plum tart because I surely didn't want to compost abandoned Italian plums but also I finished the last one yesterday and need to get my fill before plum season 2015 ends.  

Something is/might be seriously wrong with me.

Something is/might be seriously wrong with me.

I am, admittedly, in the thick of my annual p.t. obsession, but this year realize that it coincides neatly with the boys still being home on summer break.  

Interesting. If by interesting I mean, duh; I'm stress-cooking to beat sixty.  

Many a friend contacted me today, secretly and front-door-gone openly, about having also cried yesterday and/or feeling equally desperate for their offspring to go the eff back to the village known as school. 

Three more days, friends. Three.more.days. Would anyone care if I spent the next few like this? 


In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to excise the following tunes from the jingle-lovin' bit of my brain:

•A Pug and a Patty (an original by Oliver; about Percy stealing a chicken patty); 

•The (stupid fucking) Gummy Bear song;

•"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Jefferson Starship which A) never gets old but B) is tough to excise and sometimes you want just that and C) played a fantastic supporting role in The Skeleton Twins which A) made me love Bill Hader even more (um, Stefon!) and B) was poignant in the ways those sorts of films usually try but fail to be.