Lower School is soon a wrap for Jack

Six years ago, we had the incredible fortune to enroll Jack in the PK class of a tremendous school. Tomorrow is his 4th grade graduation, and I am exceptionally proud of how much he has grown and what a fine young person he is. 

I am not one of those who feels it's flown by. These six years have felt, for the most part, like six years. Long at times, fleeting at others. Hard, happy, full of growth, full of challenge. Exciting, dull, calm, worrisome.

In short, life. Six years of it. 

Jack is a soulful, bright child. His inner light blazes, and it is a privilege to be his mother. 

Today, as I laid out his seersucker pants and dress shoes, readied his swim bag for the post-graduation party, and made his celebratory pie, I thought about how much Jack has taught me. Parenting is a humbling, constant, funny, improvisational, tiring unknown, and I have become a better person for the experience of motherhood.

I don't know that I feel sad about tomorrow as much as I feel it a bittersweet goodbye. I have deeply loved our experience at the Lower School. It has not been perfect, but nothing is, and in that respect, I'd say it's been pretty darn close. There is something very unique about a small campus of 4-11 year olds, and while I am grateful that many of us will head to the middle- and upper-school campus together this fall, I will miss being ensconced by innocence, youth and play. Thank goodness  Oliver has three years left at the Lower School.

Thank you, Jack, for being you, for growing into yourself in such wonderful, kind, gleaming, dazzling ways.