Lobster on a Tuesday? Why not! Some hilarity if I've not already shared...

No school today because of report card-writing. Early on, Ol had a playdate as J and I were supposed to go and renew his passport. I knew on the way to the post office that although I had multiple copies of forms and photos as well as all legal documentation of Jack's life so far, things weren't going to work out. And indeed they did not. Because Tom could not come with us, we needed some specialized form signed by him and notarized in addition to photocopies of both his and my driver's licenses, front and back. Sigh. I swear I read the website (travel.state.gov). We have another appointment in a few weeks.

To obtain a new or renewed U.S. passport for your child under age 16, you will need:

  • an appointment (at a passport office or a U.S. Post Office that issues passports) as you must apply in person
  • a fully completed DS-11 Application for a U.S. Passport form
  • a passport-regulation photograph which is a 2" x 2" color photo taken within the six months prior to your appointment (bring an extra just in case)
  • your child's birth certificate or other legal evidence that proves his/her relation to you
  • your child's old passport (if you're renewing) and/or other proof of U.S. citizenship
  • a copy of the front and back of each of the child's parents drivers' licenses (even if both are in attendance at  the appointment)
  • a DS-3053 Statement of Consent: Issuance of a U.S. Passport to a Minor Under Age 16 form, if one parent cannot attend the passport appointment; This form must be signed by the parent who'll be absent and then also notarized.
  • cash or a check for passport issuance/renewal fees (credit cards are only accepted at certain facilities, so check)
  • If you're getting the passport for a planned or tentative trip, t's also helpful to have on hand the dates of and countries to which you'll travel.

Lemonade out of lemons, J and I went to the mall for new jeans as he is shooting up from and/or busting through the knees of his "old" ones (by which I mean six months old) and then decided on an early lunch: falafel for him, and because clearly I didn't eat well enough in Richmond, a lobster roll for moi. At Lobster ME, I got the Connecticut which is poached lobster in just a bit of melted butter.


This was damn good, friends, damn good. I was not sorry when Jack turned down my offer of a bite. The roll was perfectly toasted -lightly so but with golden, just-crunchy sides and a perfect crumb within- the lobster fresh and not at all chewy. I was in hog's heaven, and it was a very sweet date.

We then met up with Oliver, recovered Percy from a kind neighbor (whom we'd not yet met) who rescued him during one of his frequent puggy escapades, bought the boys new sneakers, finished Revenge of the Sith and rued the purported snow that is to arrive tomorrow. It's a good thing I've begun stocking up on puzzles! ~~~~

Two recent exchanges between the boys that cracked my junk up:

1. Jack: "Oliver, that is NOOOOTTT what I said. BE QUIET!" Oliver: "You be quiet. You told me the wong thing." Jack: "AAAAAHHHHH." Oliver: "" Jack: "Oliver, I am sorry. I want you in my trailer." "Oliver: "Jack, you don't want me. You need me! I am so upset."

Are they dating?

2. Oliver: "Jack, remember when we were children?" Jack: "Duh, Oliver, we still are children."