The Good, the Bad, and the hope for justice in the Ugly

The Good: FDA to require prescriptions for antibiotic use in livestock. The Bad: Filth and inhumanity plague chicken farm, source of 4.5 million eggs headed to your supermarkets per DAY.

The hope for justice in the Ugly: Thank goodness George Zimmerman has been charged. Trayvon's killing is such a tragedy for the Fulton-Martin family, and yet another sad reminder of the results of our unwillingness to make gun ownership harder to achieve as well as Florida's insane Stand Your Ground law and lenient gun permit and concealed weapon rules. In Florida, "about 1 of every 17 adults has" a concealed-weapons permit (LA Times); to obtain this permit, applicants are neither required to explain why they want to carry a weapon nor whether they're able to use and aim it properly. Wow! And I don't mean that in a good way.