Articles of note

These won't bring a smile to your face but do constitute important food for thought! This article about the origin and present day status of antibiotics in our food and the effects of it, from the Sunday NY Times, still has me reeling with disgust. That Mr. Jukes would find, market, distribute and encourage the consumption of antibiotic waste slurry to farmers as weight-boosting feed for their animals is grotesque. That no one has stopped this downward cycle of health, environmental degradation and animal abuse since is a moral failing.

And to learn more about the years of unsuccessful attempts to regulate antibiotic use on farms, read this bit by Maryn McKenna of Superbug. Many of the feed additives employed by large factory farms today are considered "high-risk" for exposure to humans.

Can you win with any plastic is the summary question of this piece from Grist. Studies comparing BPA-free plastics with their BPA-infused counterparts show that both leach synthetic estrogens, some of which are more potent than those in BPA. Bottom line, as best you can rid your home of plastics, the better, especially with regards to what you eat on and drink from.