Article, sunshine

It is 10:15am, and I am still in my pajamas. This is thrilling on so many levels. For starters, I'm as comfortable as I'll ever be, cozy too. Secondly, this might suggest to you, correctly, that I've not yet had to leave the house. Jack rode to school with our carpool, and Tom took Oliver on his way back out of town. I have nowhere that I have to be until 1:15. At present, I'm snug on my couch watching Nutmeg romp with a noisy ball bedecked with feathers. It's amazing how flat he can make himself- no chair is too low to snake under in pursuit of a lost toy. I've spent the past hour writing and Percy the pug sausage has gotten progressively closer to my right side and thigh such that now, he is almost under my leg. He loves it, and I'm made even warmer. Yesterday's grim weather gave way this morning to a beautiful, cloudless blue sky. I love days on which the sun is so bright that you don't need to turn on lights. Bliss.

Not blissful was reading this article about the slaughter of African forest elephants last night. It is so heartbreaking and sickening; I almost couldn't read parts of it. But we must ALL be informed about these horrors, in my opinion. It is our duty to stop them as best we can. Elephants are extremely intelligent, social, sentient beings, and if drive them out of existence, it will be to our world's and their ecosystem's detriment.