Non-toxic silver cleaning

Hi All! Have you ever polished silver jewelry or any other sterling stuff you might have around and noticed how toxic and revolting the cleaning agent smells? It's also really NOT a friend of the Earth, your lungs, your home, and so forth. Nonetheless, I was desperate to clean the frame one of our wedding photos is in as well as some of my jewelry which was so tarnished I was worried it was pitting. So, your green tip of the day is: ECO-FRIENDLY SILVER POLISH. Yay!

For serious and large jobs, rub toothpaste over the tarnished (or all) areas. I used Tom's all-natural. Rub off with a soft towel (an old t-shirt works well). For smaller jobs, like earrings or bracelets, line a pan with foil, put all items to be polished on top of the foil and sprinkle generously with baking soda. I used Bob's Red Mill all-natural. Then, slowly pour very hot water on top until your pieces are submerged. When they look as clean as you want them to, remove carefully from the water and rinse well. My jewelry is gleaming, my frames are beautiful, this was easy, cheap, non-toxic and super fun for kids to watch.