My garden

We must have gotten a sprinkling of rain last night or perhaps the morning dew is simply more pronounced than usual, but on my stroll through the garden, the new growth seemed highlighted, as if it were proud of its succession through winter. Everything looks healthy, full of grace and promise and strength. The Japanese maple my Dad brought from his posse of seedlings, the collection of irises my mom has brought me over the years, Sedum, resurgent peonies (thank you to the garden center lady who told me the don't like their root balls too deeply covered), sedum, hyacinths and so on. I love the way the tulip bud looks like a ballerina resting her head on her extended arm, the ways that leaves hold on to water droplets, knowing its importance and relishing it accordingly, the way new leaves unfurl. This is a selection taken in the early-morning light, overcast yet not dreary. By clicking on any one picture, you'll get a larger shot with much more detail.