Good -n- pretty food; Indiana Jones

Ooh me, blood oranges and gumbo. Because seasonal and cold as get-out here today.

This evening, the boys and I finished watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just prior to the part where the large German pilot gets minced in the propeller, I said, "Boys, this part is kind of gross. Should we fast forward it?"

"NO!" they proclaimed. The guy got pureed, they laughed hysterically, Jack asked "Why didn't they show more?" while Oliver averred, "Now that was an unfortunate death."

Ya think?

Towards the end as the French archeologist and German nuts prepped to open the ark, I said, "Boys, this part is kinda scary. Do you really want to watch it?"

"OH YES!" They proceeded to watch everyone get shot through with fiery lighting and the main dudes melt and then laugh hysterically, again, and say "That was AWESOME. Ooh, you know what we should do? We should get chocolate eyeballs and hook them to electrodes and then put those on ice sculptures that" (per Oliver) "wook wike that cweepy guy" and "then get a laser and shoot them all through and then they'll melt and their eyes will drop and melt...Mwah, hah, hah."

Little boys are SO NOT little girls. ~~~ I was so thankful and pleased by the MANY amazing responses I received after yesterday's post, "Three is not for me." Thank you, everyone!