Freaking A

Three times today, I wrote a heartfelt post about dreams and the spectacular fall we're enjoying and my deep hurt for Paris and Beirut and Mizzou and all the victims of intolerance and meanness. And three damn times, Safari crashed and erased it all.

Now, I am tired. I simply don't have it in me to start again. I'm channeling Scarlett: "Tomorrow is anutha day."

I'll leave you with this lovely news from this morning.

I am proud and thrilled to have a short essay -My Own Room- published on Literary Mama, an excellent magazine that features poetry, longer-form essays, book reviews, fiction and creative non-fiction about the many faces of motherhood. 

Literary Mama has been a goal site of mine since I started submitting my work for publication. The deep satisfaction that comes from a dream realized is something I never tire of. None of us should. Hard work and perseverance make possible so much in life. I hope I succeed in passing on to the boys a drive toward and appreciation for a strong work ethic.

Life makes its way

Life makes its way