For levity, food

What a week. What a sad, troubling week. America, there is work to be done. 

I'm tired and soon to bed, but y'all, I cannot even handle the beauty and flavor of summer produce. It just doesn't get better than this. And my garden this year? In a yard that actually receives all-day sun? Well, it's a winning combo.

Every day I pick handfuls of fresh tomatoes and herbs and yesterday plucked some zucchini blossoms and a dainty eggplant for a grilled pizza. 

Little makes me feel as warm and full as eating tomatoes still warm from the sun. This salad that I made up last summer is a great way to use some -and also summer peaches- and is as good as I remembered. 

Who said okra? My okra plants are thriving but are not yet ready to feed me the amount I want, so I supplemented today with these beauties. I cannot even talk about how much I love smothered okra nor about just how much of it I can eat at any one sitting. #havemercy #watchout 

I might eat your face if it were in this pot!

bacon + okra = win

bacon + okra = win

And then there's this guy, just livin' the life.

I hope you're well. Remember, it is so tremendous to read, educate ourselves, and use our voices to stand up for what's right. Have a good conversation, challenge a friend or colleague, hold others in the light!