Em-i-lis 2.0

Welcome! Bonjour! Benvenuto e ciao! Willkommen! Welkom!

About this fantastic new site: It was designed by the inestimable Elan Morgan who is the multi-talented woman behind Schmutzie, a blog I love dearly. If you appreciate thoughtful, honest, excellent writing and photography and cats, you should visit Schmutzie and follow Elan there or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

Em-i-lis is still the same site you've come to love but I want to walk you through the new features:

  1. Recipes are now tagged and categorized for much broader, more user-friendly search and perusal. Let's use my Bucatini with Caramelized Shallots, Brussels Sprouts and Speck as an example. You'll find this in Pastas and also in Lunch and Dinner, categories in the drop-down menu in Recipes up above. Say you find it and then want to see what other recipes include Brussels sprouts. Simply click on "Brussels sprouts" in the tag area following the recipe, and you'll then be brought to a compilation of all Em-i-lis Recipes that contain B. sprouts. Awesome, right?!
  2. Community Questions: In the right side bar, you'll see a gray box with Community Questions written in it. Submit any burning question to me and I'll answer it! All Community Questions and Answers can be found by clicking on the live link in the side bar OR by going to the Recipes drop-down menu and clicking on Community Questions.
  3. Classes & Reviews: If you are interested in scheduling a jam- or pie-making class (or another how-to in which you're interested) or attending one I'm teaching locally, check the Classes & Reviews section for contact info and upcoming events. You are also welcome to leave a review if you've taken a class of mine but not reviewed it or to read those previously submitted.
  4. More Writing: This section includes Featured Writing Elsewhere (my work published on HuffPo, BlogHer and so forth) as well as the Essays I've published here on Em-i-lis.
  5. The badges in my right side bar show you where I've been published or featured; the Huffington Post badge links you directly to my author page there.

I'm thrilled with all this new, more interactive functionality and hope you enjoy it too. Let me know!