Diary of a move, 8: IN and a Top Ten!

In nearly five years, this past break from blogging is by far my longest in Em-i-lis tenure. A move will do that to you. But we are in, and we are thrilled. Bruised, scratched, chapped and tired, but totally thrilled. Drowning in boxes, devoid of knives, a washing machine on endless loop, and no iPad chargers to be found, but thrilled.

At present, I'm sitting in my new family room. It has one lone couch in it, and my feet are propped on a box-cum-ottoman. I've scavenged an end table and lamp, and a friend brought us a gorgeous "new home" bottle of wine, a glass of which I'm enjoying to the utmost (thank you, Lori).  

I couldn't be happier, except if my lips weren't so chapped. A small price.

10 great aspects of this move:

1. It went smoothly, and our moving crew was amazing. No, we hadn't packed enough and so made a half-dozen trips back to our old house over the weekend. Yes, I am so grateful we could do so. Bottom line, the move was a good, nothing-broke one. Thank you to my friends who hosted the boys for Friday night sleepovers. 

2. We had a house full of natural light, and we have a new house full of natural light. What is better than being able to see the moon from your kitchen windows? The sunset from your family room? The warm wash of the sun's rays as you eat a quiet lunch? I love natural light cascading all around me, and our new house has even more than did our old one.

3. Out with the old... We didn't ace this sector, but the amount of stuff we gave away, sold, recycled, and tossed before relocating was epic. Boy did that purge feel good. Liberating. Fresh. Lightening. As I unpack and move in, I continue to let things go, and it's great.

4. Our new neighbors and neighborhood are positively dreamy. We moved on Friday, and by Saturday I knew several new people. Since, Bobbi has brought me an organic chicken and fresh greens and carrots from a local market. John helped us look for Nutmeg when we thought he'd gotten out (but was actually hiding inside our couch) and later shared his binoculars with the boys and me after walking us over to see a screech owl our neighbor Pete (the self-identified "resident birder") had located on the next street. 

This kind of community is amazing and just what we hoped for. Tonight's roast chicken and carrots and salad were sublime. The owl was so darling I almost couldn't stand it. Jack said on our walk home from seeing said owl, "We're walking in the middle of the street. This is just like Misse's neighborhood! I love it!" Me too! It's slow, steady, people have lived here for ages, and we are so happy to be here. And, screech owls!

5. My perfect kitchen table (and chairs) are even better than I imagined. I love them.

6. Nutmeg was a basketcase on Friday but has settled in so well. I'm relieved, because the caterwauling was intense.

7. The kids have room. We have room. We are one block from a fabulous park, and just forty feet from our front door is a lovely roundabout with a path across it.  

8. Billions was a somewhat-trashy but engaging show and still is. I like the cast. Damian Lewis' mouth is very small, but it works for him. It helps him seem super-intense. This is an aside but I watched both before and after the move. 

9. I have slept like a baby since we moved. A very happy baby. That's a good sign. It was a good decision. Many good decisions all in one. That feels wonderful. 

10. February is almost over!