Diary of a move, 7: The tide has turned

Oh, friends. For the first time since last Friday, I did not, today, cry about Percy. Also, we closed on our new house. Both are reliefs, but especially my slowly growing acceptance of having said goodbye to my sweet Percy.

I received some darling photos from Suzanne today. She and her granddaughters had Percy at Petco, just outfitting him to the nines in a snazzy new red harness and treating him to a nice new leash and some other goodies. I put a care package in the mail to him yesterday, and although my hurt still pinches when I think about him too hard, I can tell that we made the right decision and that I will come to feel OK.

T and I had a few hours at our new home this evening, as well as some lovely help from friends transporting bikes, firewood and tools. I cleaned and unpacked a few things, T handled some tech and wiring stuff, we ate a pizza straight from the box. We've moved three times together now, and each has been so much fun. A lot of work but so much fun. 

The sun shone this afternoon, and a moon beamed through a clear sky tonight. After snow on Monday and ice on Tuesday morning, today's loveliness all around was most welcome. And there are always little boys to keep your head on straight and a smile on your face.

More on the other side. Of the DC-MD border that is. ;)