Dear Lego

Dear Lego,

My Oliver will be putting a letter in the mail to you tomorrow-actually 2; one to Denmark, and one to US headquarters-but I want to share this here too in the hopes that you will seriously consider making a little boy's dream come true.


By putting back into circulation (or finding a set in your warehouse and sending it to us) your Imperial Flagship pirate ship that my sweet boy found in this book:

This set has been discontinued, and the only one I can find is $700 on Amazon. No can do. 

So, Lego, while I begrudge your book just a bit for the Especially for Girls spread (even though you explain your rationale) which includes some seriously annoying, noseless cartoon girls, and on the next page a large pink-floored beauty shop ("comes stocked with a variety of bows and well as lipsticks, sunglasses, and a hairdryer."), you have provided my sons with countless hours of dreamy innovation and fun. I am grateful!

Also, we loved Legoland in CA-a job well done!-and one day hope to visit your factory in Denmark.

But in the meantime, if you could help my Oliver get an Imperial Flagship pirate set for not anywhere near $700, I would be endlessly grateful and even more of a fan.

Thank you,

A mother who loves you even though your product has pierced my feet more times than you can imagine (rendering me speechless and in pain a la this rare photo of a shark stepping on a Lego. Hat tip to Robert Peterson on Twitter for the below gem).