Crab cakes, Old Bay "fries" and BYB

This morning started off nicely with a small feature on Beyond Your Blog, a fantastically informative, warm spot that provides tons of information about publishing: submission guidelines and themes; contacts; who pays what; podcasts with editors. Susan Maccarelli, founder of BYB, is so lovely and energetic, and I was happy to be included in her piece, 13 Inspiring Stories of Amazing Opportunities That Came From Blogging. Many busy hours later, I cooked the crab cakes T and I intended to make last night but quickly became too tired to. Some Old Bay sweet potato "fries" seemed an appropriate side, and a wonderful dinner was born.

Do y'all remember my crab cake story of old? Still makes me laugh!

Y'all, look at my cat's pile o' paws. Is he not perfect?!?