Zucchini-feta fritters, pomegranate molasses sauce

Tonight I managed to use up the last of this morning's zucchini/squash haul by making these glorious, fabulous, delicious, pretty fritters. Three cups of grated squash plus feta, green onions, feta and lots of dill, parsley and mint. Really, really wonderful. We also plank-grilled some King salmon, and to go on top I whipped up a new blend: Greek yogurt, pomegranate molasses, roasted garlic, pistachios and mint. I am not going to lie- these was good and I'm eating the remainder with a spoon.

The only disappointment was that I made a cocoa pie crust for a French Silk pie, put it in the oven and realized I didn't have enough Tru-Whip (all-natural Cool Whip), went back out to the store to get some, and they were sold out. I had them call two other nearby locations. Sold out. So, I've got a pretty and extremely empty crust. Sigh. Is this some message??