Look at this beautiful compost salad from lunch and this gorgeous pasta coming together tonight. Though I swear I photo'd the final product, my camera tells me otherwise. Very suspicious- wine brain? These are collards rather than the called-for spinach; they're what I had and were delicious though, because they don't wilt as quickly as does spinach, I blanched them in the pasta water before adding them to the sauce pan. This worked perfectly. As it turned out, I did not have any fresh breadcrumbs, nor the makings for them, so had to abort that idea, but did sprinkle some crushed red pepper over half of mine for a taste test. Both sides were delicious. I loved the way the garlic spiced up the tuna here, and I like the way boulangere described this as being about simple ingredients making bold statements of flavor. Indeed- such is the essence of good Italian cooking.

Buona notte.