You know what would be nice...and other (pretty random) Monday musings

Seriously, folks, it'd be great to see some parking lot etiquette once in a while. Do we really need to install speed limit signs? Come on, slow down, park between the damn lines that are provided, don't walk down the middle of the driving aisles. Good grief. It's enough to make you growl. Secondly, don't ask people questions if you're not interested in hearing the answers. It is more offensive to ask a question and then immediately tune out or interrupt than not to engage dialogically at all. Good grief.

But enough venting. My photography class starts tonight! I'm pretty excited though also a bit intimidated. It's two and a half hours starting at 7p. I'm going to be honest in telling you that later evening is not my best, most alert time of day, so I think I'll need to caffeinate a bit just prior. Also I hate to eat really early or miss dinner or eat really late, so again, not an optimal classtime. How old do I sound!? For the love.

Do you know that whey (leftover from fresh ricotta making) is a terrific cooking liquid for oatmeal? Yum! Also, I just had a bitchin' sandwich for lunch and am feeling pretty jazzed about it. It's taken me 25 years, but I've finally bought myself a proper raincoat. Really makes a difference. Nice.

Off to noodle on lavender recipes.