"You got home and your garden had gone wild" dinner

Oh, and despite jet lag, you had the presence of mind to buy some fish at the market, dinner... Amen for that. This turned out wonderfully and took full advantage of the green bonanza in my yard. MSC-certified halibut was on sale today and looked quite nice, so, Ol and I picked up an unnecessarily enormous filet. Several hours later, in musing about what to do with it, I thought I'd welcome spring by topping it with an herbal-citrus salsa and putting the whole shebang on some sort of carb or grain. Further noodling coalesced into this delightful dish: Broiled Halibut with Preserved Lemon, Cucumber and Herb Salsa over Coriander-Garlic-Orange Israeli Couscous "Risotto." That is quite a freaking mouthful. How to condense!? Anyway, yum!

In the salsa, I wanted a bit of kick plus a cooling element so went with preserved lemon for zing, jalapeño for spice and cucumber for cool. The minced herb component included mint, spring onion tops, basil and cilantro. I also grated some orange zest in for a hint of sweetness.

Into the couscous, which I first cooked like a risotto (adding broth a bit at a time), I stirred a sauté of garlic, coriander and orange juice and zest. The halibut steaks I simply sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper and coriander and broiled.

Lastly, for our side, and to manage the garden, I made a fresh salad of spinach, two kinds of lettuce (Breen and red leaf), kale and a watercress varietal. Half an heirloom tomato, some balsamic vinaigrette, and voila! I'll post the couscous and fish recipe later, but it was definitely a keeper, and I'll make it again!