Yotam, my long lost chefriend

Yes, chefriend is a word I just made up to invoke the spirit of chefs I love but don’t know. Yotam certainly falls into that category, and I’m certain that if we met, he would, at the least, like my enthusiasm. One look in my fridge today tells me that I have not used up enough produce yet this week: eggplants, peppers, zucchini and so forth. I sauntered over to Plenty, and sure enough, there is a fabulous sounding recipe -Tamara’s ratatouille- that wants to use all of those items plus onions, garlic, tomatoes and the green chile I also happen to have on hand. Thus, we will be enjoying this for dinner tonight. I might run by the market and get a crusty, seeded baguette and some delicious cheese, and serve these alongside the ratatouille also with a bottle of Rose’. How could you go wrong?!

*Random thought: do you have old ribbons lying around? I do and have put one pretty one in each of my cookbooks that don’t already have one permanently in place. Nice, and pretty bookmarks that enable you to reuse something that might otherwise a) get tossed or b) become something that your kids MUST keep forever (the little hoarders).