Yogurt-cardamom roast chicken a'coming

I hope you are all enjoying weather as beautiful as we are today. It's chilly but just gorgeous out there. There's a nice breeze blowing, and as the light filters through the quivering leaves and then my window, I am sitting here contentedly while shadows and light dance across the walls around me. A few hours ago, I remembered that the roast chicken recipe I'm making tonight asks that the bird marinate for at least three hours. Just in time, I made up the glorious yogurt-cardamom-ginger-coriander (and on and on with wonderful spices) marinade and sauced him up. I'm looking forward to enjoying the dish later and in the meantime will figure out some sides.

T is putting the boys to bed (merciful god)- they were funked out to the max before we left for Easter lunch at T's parents' house. The inane infighting was enough to make you want to put a fork in your head, but fortunately, another egg hunt, dyeing eggs and a lengthy trip to the playground seemed to turn the tides. Since we got home, things have been quite nice, but nonetheless, in anticipation of neither one having school tomorrow, I'm happy to be reading apps and prepping for dinner in solo fashion!