Oh my goodness, peeps, I am fully salivating over both our wine and this tomato dish from The Runaway Spoon, a food52 cook who also hosts her own great site. I mean, look at these tomatoes candying away. Meanwhile a goat cheese-ricotta blend is baking in the oven and baguette slices are toasting.

To celebrate our fun date night, we also pulled out these tasting glasses T gave me when I lived in NYC. You fill the stem which meters out the perfect amount of wine such that you can turn the glass over onto its side and it doesn't spill. We got out our tasting wheel- in case you care we smell/taste dust and licorice in this wine and love both- which harkens back to our first trip together; to Napa in 2002. Wow!

Gotta go get the baked cheese out. I cannot wait to stuff myself silly.