WOW! Dinner fabulous despite hitting wall- go Em-i-lis

Ok people, I feel like I rose to my best cheffy self tonight. I was so tired but so determined to have my steak dinner. Tom usually grills our filets, but we ran out of propane last night, so I decided to pan sauté them. Good decision. I seasoned them generously with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, heated 1T butter on med-high, seared the filets for 2 minutes on each side, and added some cognac with 1 minute to go. Then I finished them in a 400° oven for me) 10 minutes, T) 8 minutes. My sour cherry-rhubarb chutney was divine alongside them, as were the freaky good fresh corn, canteloupe (worth the damn $6 I accidentally paid for it), pluot and coriander-cilantro flatbreads (I froze the extras I'd made last time and fried them tonight; this was a humongous time-saver and did not affect the flavor negatively at all!). We also opened the Carpe Diem 2007 Pinot Noir which was so good with all this. So, see attached for pictorial evidence. The first photo is my seasonal compost salad from lunch. And now, I bid you adieu.