Wonderfully flavorful dinner

Well this was a nice dinner! Heck! The celeriac remoulade is just always good, the tomato salad was fabulous, and this fennel/leek/orange dish was superb. I found a recipe for a caramelized fennel and then got creative. Wouldn't leeks be a nice addition? Yes. What if I caramelized oranges in butter and that coriander sugar? Fabulous. Put them all together and top with chopped fennel fronds and orange zest. Quite good!

I will post this recipe soon. My change-up for the tomato-mozzarella salad this time was to drizzle fig balsamic vinegar over it all once plated. Yum. Ooh nelly do I love to eat. And T just said, "I really like this celery root salad. It's really good."