Wonderful salad creation, Purple Majesties all fried up, salmon and chutney on a date

People, it's really all about the Friday afternoon babysitter over here. I slogged through tons of emails, cleaned up, worked out, showered!, read some of my book (seriously, Prodigal Summer is terrif) and became inspired in the kitchen. I had a bunch of fresh watercress, a fresh melon, and some absolutely wonderful/pungent/tangy Point Reyes Blue cheese that my friend, C, gave me. Thinking that all sounded lovely together, I slivered the melon into thin petals, placed those on the watercress, threw a bit of chopped mint on top, found a fig and slivered it, put it on the melon and then crumbled on the Blue.Noodling on a dressing, I mused: honey is lovely with figs and Blue, so are Marcona almonds, and I hated to waste the watercress stems. So, into the mini-prep went said stems, 1/2 tsp honey, some Marconas, some fresh lime juice, some EVOO and s&p. This was delightful and the perfect accompaniment for the salad.

The potatoes were a simple pan sauté with EVOO, rosemary, 1 clove garlic and then finished with Maldon.

T roasted salmon in foil packs, and we served it with my sour cherry-rhubarb chutney.

People, this was a darn good dinner. Even Tom enthused! The salad recipe is posted!