Wms-Sonoma deal, commencing the Game of Scones

If you need anything from Williams-Sonoma, they are again offering free shipping, through the end of today, on all orders. Use code: FREESHIP at check-out. It is another glorious day here- wow! The boys didn't roll out of bed until nearly 7. Unreal! Amazing! What a gift! And now they're both happily at school. After giving the house a cursory once-over clean, I am going to get started with scone-making as my freezer is almost without, and as I mentioned recently, I have quite a few due this week. Yum, yum! I also bought the most gorgeous spring potatoes at the farmers' market yesterday so am going to make something lovely with them; that TBD dish plus my harissa carrots will make a fantastic Meatless Monday lunch or dinner.