Without, but not

Though I still feel awfully lucky, our power went out 3 hours ago. Rationing of fridge-opening has commenced in earnest, and I am just happy that I did so much laundry, cleaning and cooking yesterday! And that we had AC most of today. We got the boys to bed; they wanted their blankets and lovies, but I am soon going to sneak in and remove all sheeting from their limbs as the temp is rising. T and I fixed a hell of a meal- grilled steaks (thawed from the freezer), grilled corn (from today's FM), fresh ricotta and an oven-free version of my Sungold Love, and a great bottle of Rioja.

Presently, I am feeling oh-so pioneer and finishing up my watermelon rind preserves by the remaining light of day and the occasional candle, er flashlight. Our gas stove still works, and as I don't know if our fridge will come back online anytime soon, I figured I might as well truly preserve this stuff rather than risk it going to waste in a failed icebox. I've  made a video tutorial, and if its not too wacky, I'll post it.