Wine and pizza

Wine, good. Pizza, good. Hubs suggested I sleep in the basement and sleep in. Better than good. Love him! While I'm over and done with summer squash and eggplant, I will surely miss these tomatoes when they bid 2012 adieu. They are so good. I just didn't have it in me to fight the pizza dough glutens tonight so went with it and all the puffiness that resulted. Delicious! A nice change of pace from our usual, thinner pies.

Following a suggestion (plea) from me, my MIL invited the boys over tomorrow. I am going to drop them off around 10 and will then return home to can apple chili chutney in peace and maybe even take a nap. Thank you, thank you, MIL.

Is Jan Brewer attending the Repub convention in Tampa? Perhaps a twister will spirit her away to some island and we'll never hear from her crazy ass again. If Joe Arpaio can be taken too, I'd be grateful. I'm not necessarily wishing them ill-will, but I wouldn't be sad if they left our country, horrible hate-mongers they are.

Top 10 people who, if spirited away, I wouldn't miss:

-the aforementioned AZ duo -all Housewives and Jersey Shore peeps -John Fund -PJ O'Rourke -Michelle Caruso-Cabrera -Ann Coulter -pretty much all of W's posse, including W -Grover Norquist -Matthew Continetti -Susan del Percio -Nick Gillespie -Eric Cantor!

Oh god, that is so many more than 10 people. But really, do you disagree?