Willy? Filming pie-making

On the way to camp this morning, Ol said I should get pregnant again. I let him know that he and Jack were perfect and enough for me, and there would be no more babies coming our way. "Mommy, how do babies get made?"

"Well, Oliver, men make something called 'sperm..."

Jack: "OLIVER, it comes from your PENIS!"

"and, ladies are born with many eggs, and when the two meet, a baby is formed."

"Where does the baby live in the mommy?"

Thinking this all stemmed from our recent viewing of The Adventures of Milo and Otis in which, you might recall from a recent post about said viewing, cat and dog babies are born in a seriously graphic way, I answered very earnestly:

"In the uterus which is a really neat and strong muscle that houses the baby."

"How does the baby get out?"

"The neat and strong uterus pushes the baby out when it's time."

"Well, I want a little baby named Willy."

People, this is not where I thought this story was going. Who is Willy? Why is that the preferred name? And why did I go on and on about uteri when ultimately Oliver just wanted to let me know he wanted a baby named Willy to join the fold?

In hysterics, I left them at camp and scurried home to scour my kitchen and organize -read: throw the bag of hamburger buns into my Tupperware cabinet and relocate the toasted to the basement- because foodie friend C and I were to soon demo the My Lil' Pie Maker for the local news. Now, the incredibly beautiful anchor is our friend and knows how much we like to cook, so we did have that in, but we were SO excited, and yes, you'll be able to see us on the 5:00 news next Tuesday night. I will share the exact details when I know them.

It was great fun, and although I do not recommend the My Lil' Pie Maker for a whole host of reasons (watch the news to find out), filming was a blast.

You know that piece of pizza I felt so smug to have squirreled away last night? Yeah, joke's on me because I just went to get it for a snack and damn if hubs hadn't eaten it earlier. Grr, hubs, grr.