Whole grain pancakes, debt ceiling

I've mentioned this recipe before, and really, it is so good. These are more like pansteaks due to their thickness, but the flavor is, nonetheless, excellent. I posted the recipe a while back but do want to make an extra n0te: you'll need to add more liquid than is called for. Obviously I didn't get quite there today. I'm looking forward to enjoying some of my tomatoes for lunch and Yotam's burned eggplant for our Meatless Monday dinner. I might also make his or Claudia Roden's middle eastern carrot salad with those fresh carrots I bought yesterday.


On another subject completely, are the country's wing-nuts really not going to raise the debt ceiling? People, default would be disastrous. For peeps who keep harping on the last economic crisis and blaming the Dems for it (ridiculous- hello, Lehman, Bear, TARP were all under Bush, guys), do they really want to be held accountable for our country's credit rating plummeting?? Food for thought at 8:02am.