Whoa, Wednesday!

Say what, Wednesday? By 5:40am, the boys were jockeying for positions next to me in bed, Nutmeg was slinking around trying to crunch on any plastic or cardboard packaging he could find, T was snoring lightly, and the day has pretty much resembled that mayhem ever since. We delivered many teacher gifts, I had a lovely cup of tea with a dear friend, the next few hours are blurry, I picked up the boys, got the Kleenex box (Lucite with a hinged hood; "I am SO proud of my tissue box and will NEVER wake you up again, Mommy."), made the Creature Power Disks, laminated some of them, went to the market, did something else, and spent nearly a half hour driving 1.5 miles home at 6p. My road rage reached epic proportions, and the boys ate dinner in the car. Boo! I just informed T that I would be sleeping in the basement tonight, thank you very much, and am here now desperately longing for my chapstick but otherwise happy. We'll deliver the last few gifts in the morning, I'm to work the craft-making fair for three hours and apparently am in charge of the pomander station (I had to look that up; it appears to be a sort of clove-infused citrus ornamentation), and then hell will have to freeze over before I don't go get a pedicure.

I managed to make the ugliest dinner salad known to man and, as such, refuse to show you the picture of it. It was kale salad with tomatoes, feta and stuffed grape leaves alongside, plus fresh bread, some hummus and some blood orange olive oil. Tasty but wow was it an ugly plate.

Look at the cute jar toppers I got for gifts this year (from myownlabels.com)!! Love!