Whoa! Percy! Cocktail!

What a day! It started in some a lovely fashion- the boys slept until 6:20, two girlfriends came over for tea and nibbles, I got a massage(!), the boys were in good moods, and so forth. Smooth sailing and then.... Dah, dah... I get a call from a name I don't recognize. I decide to answer it and THANK GOD I did because it was a great Samaritan who had picked up my escapee pug (the gate opened by itself and he happened to be outside- what!?) as he ran aimlessly and crazily through a very busy traffic circle during rush hour. She was sure she and her children were going to watch him get pancaked, but in the meantime, she had the wherewithal to pull her car over and woo Percy with chicken they'd just bought for their take-out dinner tonight. Then they called us and the rest is history. OMG! In any case, a good day overall. The massage? Bliss! Time with girlfriends? Fab. These ladies and I met three years ago in Pilates. We have seen one another pretty much every week since which, if you think about it, is a lot more than you probably see most people. We had a great time, and I was able to pawn some pie and jams off on them. Thank you J and G! And during their visit, I finished up the apricot-sour cherry jam. I think it will be more of a sauce as it didn't set in a dramatic way, but the flavor is amazing.

This evening, awash in sour cherries and mint, I just got going with both. First I made a terrific mint simple syrup. Then I poached some sour cherries in that syrup and then froze them for the boys; they devoured them. Finally, I made a new cocktail which I've just drunk 2 of. Super! Mint syrup, lemon, vodka, St. Germain and dressed with two frozen minty cherries and a little mint. Ooh-la-la.

Who else finds the Koch brothers a little scary? They've pledged to spend/raise $400 mill in the hopes that Romney is elected. Yo!