What a whirlwind today has been thus far. I don't know why I'm always surprised by how full-on it is when both kids are home but T is not. They have been well-behaved, and we hosted a fun playdate, but still. I am super tired right now, haven't eaten lunch, and it's nearly 2p. Oliver is resisting his nap, J is on his 4th outfit change of the day, and I desperately need 10 minutes of total quiet. Everyone's just going to have to stay put right now while I eat and get back to some sort of stasis. At the farmers market yesterday, I bought a bunch of stinging nettles which I plan to use in a pasta tonight. That poison ivy ravioli I had in Florence was absolutely remarkable, and I thought the nettles might be a decent approximation in an attempt to replicate that beautiful creation. I have just enough ricotta left over to complete the filling. Hmm... will keep you posted.