White beans and cabbage

Doesn't all this look good. I just love this conical cabbage and am sad only that the beans' speckle fades as they boil. Ah well, this will be a lovely dish. One of my spice purchases today was a tin of black mustard seeds which are called for in the avocado salad I'm making. Mmm... and the chicken paillards... I think tonight's meal will surely trump that from yesterday. Blarg.

On a completely different and inconsequential note, I ordered a cape/poncho thing and it arrived today. Thus far, I am intimidated to even try it on. It's very handsome, mostly saddle colored and edged in black, and when I see others wearing similar pieces, I always think they look so great. But I couldn't do vests and I can't do hats, and I'm thinking the cape might fall into one of those "it's just really not me" categories. We'll see.