Whirlwind of good

Today has been such a whirlwind, and T just told me that he'll be in CA Tues-Thurs. Mamma mia. I told him I wish he'd given me more head's up, but really, what does that accomplish?! He'll be back in time to trick-or-treat so there's that! This morning we watched Brave which I thought was delightful. Jack was thrilled that archery was the primary theme, Oliver was happy that a princess was involved, and I just liked the whole thing overall. Plus I managed to also read some of the paper during the viewing. Then I headed off to a happy, full-of-love baby shower, raced home to change and then made my way to the baseball field for Jack's last game of the season.

Blue Devils vs Wolfpack, and the latter, last year's League Champs, were definitely the favorite going on. Hard work, teamwork and a never-give-up spirit, though, enabled the Blue Devils to come from behind and win big. I think our team's parents were absolutely as excited as the kids. Jack scored the go-ahead run, and the boys just did such a great job overall. What a great way to call it a day so to speak! Jack's in the catcher gear.


After a quick celebration, I scurried home for my writing class via conference call. As I've said before, I feel really lucky to have met this group of women and always love our time together. Today's class was terrific! Cheers, women!

I just made a lovely dinner of leftover farro salad plus toast with avocado and aged balsamic. Divine. T is watching football, so I'm going to tuck myself in with the paper and plan to get my shut-eye on in the not-too-distant future.