The thing about four day weekends is that when Friday night starts to wind down, you realize you've got two days left. Take that as you will, but it's the darn truth! I took the boys to a local children's theater this morning for a performance of Peter Pan and Wendy, the current run. It was really well done (DC-area folks, if your kids like musicals/plays, make a trip to Imagination State for this one!)- great costumes, really strong acting. The kids enjoyed it so much that we didn't miss the lack of intermission. Jack was still feeling really lousy, so I was glad we had this quiet, still outing on the books today. Good to get out but not over-exert. Ol and I did some major trimming in the yard, and as it's hot as Hades out there, I came in looking really rough.

Earlier I was seized with a desire for muffins so made a dozen ginger-peach and a dozen pumpkin-plum (both recipes listed in Breakfasts). Very satisfying! Except why is it so frustratingly difficult to photograph muffins? I mean, I don't think I've ever taken a good shot. Of a humble muffin! All kinds! In any and all light! As such, I refuse to publish even a fragment of a pic so imagine a bounty of lovely, fresh muffins, and there you go.

Presently, I've got a Lodge o' eggplant, oil, marjoram and salt roasting away in a 350 oven. Just last week, I believe, Mark Bittman wrote a two-pager about the wonder of eggplant, and since reading his Pasta a la Norma recipe have had a burr on my bottom to make some. I can't find my salt-packed capers (why? where are they?) and was too lazy to find the recipe so am improvising as I know and have the ingredients. Pretty, huh?!

eggplant, marjoram, oil and salt nestled in my trusty Lodge