When will I-i be well?

(Sing to the tune of Linda Ronstadt's When Will I Be Loved?) As noted in the past, I am a very impatient sick person. Colds just suck. Obviously they are nothing in the grand scheme of things, but they really do suck. I'm acquiring the unfortunate Hitleresque chap pattern from days of blowing, and have taken so much expectorant, it's a wonder I don't wake up with my lungs next to me. Boo!

Do you want to know the funniest quote from Real Time Friday night? Bill Maher, going on about the Petraeus scandal and Jill Kelley, said, "what is a Tampa socialite? Someone who goes to Applebee's and orders the filet?"  A slam, but har!!

Today I made more brownies, this time nut-free and for an order. I also made a beautiful potato leek gratin that was a shame to send away. T and I are grilling a pizza for dinner, and tomorrow I will continue on with my Thanksgiving preparations. I've got the cranberry sauce, rice dressing, pecan pie and grape compote taken care of. Next up, cornbread turkey dressing, a blackberry pie, Brussels sprouts slaw with candied pecans and mustard vinaigrette, and I think the boys have also requested an apple pie. I'm so happy I got to make all that turkey stock last Friday- great item for the freezer. What are your favorite TG items?

Do y'all like Thanksgiving? I've never much loved it- always seems more like a timed eating contest than a day of thanks, but I'm working to make it more meaningful. This year, we're starting our TG day by participating in a family "turkey trot" for a local organization that serves the poor and homeless, and I"m really excited about that. I truly feel like our country has lost some of its binding, that foundational sense that whether we know each other or not, have anything in common or not, vote the same way or not, there should be a safety net. Millions of people should not go hungry every day, moving from shelter to shelter, worrying about their health, their kids' education, and lacking any optimism that things will ever change. Do I think we will ever fully erase poverty? No. But do I think we could do a lot better? Yes. And in the meantime, I sure want my kids to know that they are lucky and have a definite obligation to help those who are less fortunate. I want them to be aware that their struggles, while very real to them and certainly valid, pale in comparison to those of many others.

Hmm. Dinner is served.