What we didn't eat, Jack (up changing off-duty police gear outfits) did

This steak couldn't have been easier but I wouldn't say the marinade was out-of-this-world. It was good but not memorable. I'd add some red pepper flakes for sure, and maybe a green herb of sorts. But just some post-dinner, post-wine, post-awake-5-yr-old musings... Jack loved the steak and finished off all this tomato salad (as we'd eaten the bread during the bruschetta course).  I do find crunchy, inner romaine leaves to be totally delightful in a water-chestnut kind of way: bright, cold-watery, fresh! The dressing was basic but suited the romaine well and I always love a shaving of parm over the top.

Meanwhile, why was Jack up nearly one hour after bedtime? Well, because he'd felt the need to change out of his khakis and short-sleeve button-down to overalls, police boots, a watch and a long-sleeved button-down. Really? This obsession is wild. Anyway, as I said, he ate a full dinner, we told him what "cut the cheese" actually means, idiomatically, and finally got him back to bed. He's so funny, but when I was tucking him, again, he laughed and head-butted me in the cheek so hard I saw stars. So, I'm icing with a wine bottle cozy and off to bed soon.

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