What I wouldn't give for a nap, Sea Bass tonight

Seriously, I would give a whole heck of a lot! I am soooo tired on this rainy, gray Friday afternoon. My babysitter on Tuesday cancelled because she was sick, and today, she's out of town. I knew I relied on those afternoons off but I'm always amazed by just how much I look forward to hours that are my own. And especially this week with Jack sick and no school Monday. Wowzers! Put a fork in me because I'm done. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a good dinner tonight. Because the sea bass was MSC-certified, I took advantage of the Whole Foods sale today and bought a lovely hunk. Thinking of doing a base of broiled pineapple, habanero, scallions and avocado with seared sea bass on top. Mmm... Will keep you posted. And then I'm going to bed.