What a Wednesday

It was beautiful outside today but frigid, at least for my Louisiana blood. I was wearing about eight layers until I made it to the gym late this afternoon (more evidence of the annoying bug I seem to have caught?). Ol kept looking askance at me, sizing up my shivers and seeming rather in disbelief. He appears immune to temperature most of the time lucky little guy. He and Jack both actually; I think it's a kid thing. Anyway, I was insanely productive until I hit the wall at 2p and fell asleep on the couch, out like a light, while Ol watched Blues Clues. It's probably not terribly wise to sleep while your toddler is awake, but I do lock all doors in every way possible if I even think I might nod off while the kids are here so at least it'd take them some time to finagle their way out into greater DC. What was going on with the drivers today? Did some bizarre majority of them have a woman-in-labor riding shotgun? I really can't understand why else folks were zooming through stop signs with not even the slightest suggestion of slowing down and/or speeding along the streets as if we've all registered for the Indy 500. I mean, I like to drive fast and I like to be efficient, but I don't ride up people's bums for the love. And really, can you read? Stop sign means what it says. Loud, simple, clear.

And why is it OK to park in an active lane of traffic? It is not OK, especially if you don't even bother to put on your hazards and if you leave your driver side door wide open as if no other cars are a'coming. Good grief, people.

The last thing I will say about local drivers is WOW on the lady who was hauling down Wisconsin Ave with a calico cat stretched out on her dashboard. An alive cat, friends, all puff and whiskers, just flipping its tail loosy-goosy while this gal is on her way. Doesn't he slide back and forth when she takes a turn? Is it comfortable to lie wedged between a windshield and the dash? Aren't there vents up there? And doesn't this feline obstruct this woman's view? I've spent more time that I like to admit pondering each of the questions today.

Perhaps it goes without saying that once again, I have lost the will to prepare Chicken Kiev. It's one of the most outstanding dishes I make but it is a g-damn labor of love. But I do want it so badly. Hmm...