What a day- good, great, fun, exhausting, wine

I swear to you that joining the gym was a great decision on behalf on my psyche. Whee! And I gotta say that the negotiating was empowering. A dear reader, Courtney, encouraged me to run, not walk, from the gym after the encouragement to be dishonest, and I totally hear you. If this weren't a high-end-type place AND I didn't think she was just trying to be cool, I would have. But her behavior actually made me feel ever ballsier so I think it's going to work out. Seeing Jack's former teacher, now Oliver's teacher, was just so awesome. She and her co-teachers are such warm, wonderful women, and I'm really looking forward to a great year. Oliver was so excited, and I think Jack loved visiting his old haunt.

Went to the playground for a while, read 9 books, went out to dinner, saw some old friends and the boys were in bed at 5:55p. I am not kidding. Oliver was up at 4am and Jack and I were up for an hour during the night. So, they are pooped and sleeping soundly. I will too.

For now, I'm enjoying some yummy wine and gearing up to caramelize the fennel -and some oranges!- in Ouzo, toss up a celeriac remoulade and figure out some sort of protein- maybe farmers market sausages for T and a salmon burger for me? Making salmon burgers is SO easy. Have y'all done this? Using a meat grinder, or a nice sharp knife, grind/finely dice best-quality salmon. Put it in a bowl with spinach (either defrosted or, if fresh, wilted), salt, pepper, and a solid dose of feta cheese. Grill or freeze. Delish!