We're pooped, pizza night

What a day. I'm saying that, and T gave me the morning off. Whoa. Those kids sure can talk, and their energy is unflagging. Cute as buttons most of the time, but I wish they would discover the joy of quiet and stillness. Knowing that is entirely too much to ask of two little boys, I nonetheless daydream about it sometimes. Everyone's heading back to school tomorrow though, so that is good stuff. Is anyone else suffering a deluge of leaves? We seem to fill 4-5 leaf bags every few days if we stay on top of things. They're beautiful and fun for the kids to jump in, but the amount is truly major.

Tonight is pizza night, and amen for having the irreplaceable buffalo mozzarella on hand. I'm thinking I might do a kale pizza for my side this evening as some Lacinato plants have started growing anew out in the garden and I still haven't used up all that I  bought last Sunday. Will let you know how I tweak it.