"We made it, but just barely"

You know when parents (mostly moms) say they love every stage of their childrens' development and every moment spent with them? I just can't believe that's true. If so, then that person is a) lying or b) extremely well-suited to the job. Is that what the crazy 19-kid-and-counting-and-they're-all-named-J-names says? Must be. Anyway, T just said the above quote, and it is, unfortunately, true. I have to be honest in telling you that while I do enjoy most of the boys' stages, in general, I do not love even close to every moment we spend together. I'm tired of our days feeling like marathons that you're lucky to just get through, I'm tired of having to get psyched up each morning and tired of feeling so g-damn wiped out each evening. I'm tired of refereeing the dumbest-ever fights known to man (well, other than most religious wars and Congressional battles). While I know parenting doesn't get easier, I do look forward to the time -hopefully- when the kids will get a little more sloth-like, where they'll just sit and shut the eff up for a few minutes, where they don't feel that the must be attached and narrating to us at every moment. Sigh. It's really rather demoralizing, you know? You dream of kids, you get lucky enough to have happy/healthy/cool ones, you love them more than anything, but jesus h can they sap you of every ounce of reserve and strength. Yes, we just opened a much-deserved bottle of wine: the 2009 MollyDooker Maitre D', a Cab from Australia. By and large I really like MollyDooker wines but I think I mentioned a few months back that the newest release of their Syrah was totally ass'y. Bummer. Anyway, we are off to enjoy a delicious night o' homemade pizza and quiet.

I'm going to make a wonderful ribollita tomorrow in honor of Meatless Monday. That recipe is already posted, and it's great! Hope you are happy, cooking or eating, and feeling good.

PS- is anyone remotely surprised that Herman Cain dropped out? Seriously folks.