Watermelon Rind Preserves- video, pie

The sour cherry pie was scrumptious! Wow! You might recall that when we were in Louisiana visiting my parents in late May, I made my mom vats of pickled watermelon rinds. She loved them, secreted them away, shared them grudgingly and just finished the final jar yesterday. Good as they were, they weren't quite what she remembered so fondly from her childhood; those were watermelon rind preserves. I knew I needed to try making some. Both make terrific use of the part of the watermelon usually tossed out with little to no regard, and as you know if you read Em-i-lis with any frequency, I love to avoid waste and go "head-to-tail" whenever I can. Last night, still feeling rather spunky and light despite the loss of power and resultant temp increase in our home, I realized that as my gas stovetop was still functional, I could finish up the rind preserve project I'd commenced earlier that day. My mom has some weird food allergies, and I love to make her things she can eat with abandon. And you know how I feel about canning. So... I can't wait to taste them and give my mom the big jar when I see her next.