Warm Wednesday

Wow on this weirdly warm weather (and hello alliteration)! It's nearly 80 today, and while I'm not complaining, this is definitely not seasonally normal. In any case, I'm happy in a tank top and shorts and was thrilled to see at the market produce that is undeniably a sign of warm weather. I bought a huge star fruit, some champagne mangoes (one of my all-time fave fruits), some Abate Fetel pears (unfortunate name, yes? too much like fetal) and some pickings from the most gorgeous mushroom array I've seen in a while. Beech, royal trumpet, black trumpet, shitakes, yellow foot... I am definitely going to make something delicious with those. And guess who I ran into at the salad bar? My hubby! We had an impromptu lunch date. So nice! Afterwards, I could not resist heading to the nursery -conveniently located across the street- once more. Got some lovely flowers and ferns and gorgeous market pack of watercress which I've already planted.

You might all be glad to know that I have NOT cut myself or broken anything today. Whew!