Waning crush on #2, turkey meatloaf, almost outta here

People, Oliver has used up a great deal of the goodwill he banked on Tuesday. He was all smiles in the carpool line today, but after our hug of greeting, he started wailing because "I had something to say but I cannot remember it now." Then he ran off to a huge bush in which many kids play while waiting for their siblings, and a split-second later I heard new wailing. Fortunately, the science instructor hauled over to inform the kids that it was time to vacate the bush. Oliver was so aggrieved he had a hard time leaving. I tried to channel my loving and patient self; indeed he seemed tired so I snuggled him and offered a cupcake date. Tears were wiped, snuffles muted, and I thought we might be in the clear. WRONG.

That kid was a hot mess for the rest of the afternoon. He asked to watch Word World, and both because I needed to make cornbread for the second grade post-play party tomorrow AND because I just couldn't tolerate more wah-wah, I agreed. Then the little bug asked me to fast-forward past a certain part of the show AND bring him a half an apple thank you very much. Good lord, people, what am I? Rosie from the Jetsons?

Then Jack got home from his comic book class, and he was sweetness and light. Loud but a honey. Whew. And then T came home early, and I was re.lieved.

I made a Turkish-style turkey meatloaf tonight, and it was fabulous. I neglected to take a pic, but I've made it before. You should definitely try it. I served it with a simple cucumber, roast potato and last-of-the-tomatoes salad and made an Old Fashioned for my hubs. We are heading to a wedding this weekend which means we are OFF-duty for 48 hours. Outstanding. Much needed. Thrilling. I think I'll sleep when I'm not dancing!