Vegetable tagine with preserved lemon, T leaving again?

People, T is going back to CA next week for three more nights. Really? Say it ain't so, but I know it's true. In the meantime, I am tired of rain and am pretty much snacking on Vitamin D gummies as if those will replace the sun. Hmm.

This week has been distressingly full of tough news from several of my dearest loved ones. I am thinking of you all and sending love and good health in spades. One pal is having surgery so I'm soon embarking on making her a root vegetable and preserved lemon tagine. This is a really (!) good dish served atop couscous; it just fills you with a sense of health, satiation and goodness. I will share the recipe post-haste.

OK, I've got 1.25 hours alone so am going to hit the couch with the paper and Percy.