Both at and after dinner, friends. Little Ol was up several times last night with a fever and felt fairly awful today. Then the Cinderella dress arrived, I helped him get it on and he immediately shrieked, "TAKE IT OFF! IT HURTS!" Feverish skin and lace don't mix, but also most boys have no idea how much girls deal with in dresses. He was dismayed, but not so much so that he didn't readily agree to a return; the slippers we'll keep, but that dress is history. I suspect the search will commence anew in the near future. The rest of my day involved bike rides, yard work, Tae Kwon Do, monitored match-striking, grocery shopping and various other activities. I'm going to bed stat. Tonight for din, I made some old faves: roasted, curried cauliflower; and zucchini-feta fritters (tonight, griddle cakes instead). A very good meal!

I'm reading Unorthodox right now, a memoir about a woman raised in a Satmar community in Brooklyn who ultimately leaves it. In part because I majored in Religious Studies with an emphasis on American Judaism and in part because I like Deborah Feldman's writing style, I'm immersed in it and am going back to it now. The reviews were very weak, but so far, I really can't tell why.

I'll keep you posted. I've also been meaning to write an attempted explication of my thoughts on Syria, but that's been a bigger fish than I've had time to fry lately.